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Hppn ( ˈhap(ə)n )

We’re a specialist design agency.


Creating a product or service is fucking easy.

Creating an fucking awesome product or service is fucking hard.

In a nutshell

We work with organisations to deliver fucking awesome products fucking fast.

Our Phased Approach (ABC)

A. Innovation Sprints

Revolution, not evolution

Innovation Sprints are about pattern disruption – BNAU (Business Not As Usual). They are the fastest way to conceptualise and validate truly transformative ideas.

Working with stakeholders throughout your organisations, and involving 'end users' at every step, Innovation Sprints allow you to deliver genuine innovation.

When they talk of innovation, too many organisations are thinking 'evolution', not 'revolution'.

B. Design Sprints

Design, build and test in two weeks.

Design Sprints are at the core of what we do. These intensive, two-week prototyping sessions rapidly solve big challenges, create new products, and overhaul existing ones.

Find out if a product is worth developing, or if a feature is worth the effort, by replacing guesswork with a tangible product and putting in the hands of real users.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then you can 10X that with a functional prototype.

C. Engineering Support

No mic drops here

Whilst Hppn is all about big ideas and speed, we appreciate that ideas without execution are just dreams.

In past roles we have lead design and delivery teams within large organisations. We appreciate delivery is as much art as it is science.

Every project is different and we can provide as much—or as little— support to your delivery teams, be they in-house or external.

Our top rated rapid prodoct design (RPD) tools

Basecamp is aweseome
Framer X is aweseome
Netlify is aweseome
React is aweseome
Slack is aweseome
VS Code is aweseome

We’re more than a soundbite

Let’s make the awesome hppn.

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